Wishing for Calmer Times!

Another crazy day in the Mad Shanks Household!  Lorie and Mirie are in London for Mirie’s AMDA audition which she’s done so it’s fingers crossed for her.  AMDA is in Los Angeles but it’s her dream to attend there so I have to accept that one of my babies may be thousands of miles away for the next three years.  Hard, but fabulous if she gets in.  Meanwhile, Nikita has an audition for The Voice this afternoon in Birmingham so I wish her the best of luck with that as well!

It’s all go around here and with the school holidays coming up I’m praying for calmer times (well I can dream can’t I?).  Very unlikely with everything that’s going on behind the scenes at the moment but I have to say my energy levels are feeling very depleted at the moment.  Every day is non-stop from dawn ’til dusk with everything from endless hospital appointments to auditions to award ceremonies to residential trips etc..etc…  It never seems to end!!

I’m not moaning, I’d just like a couple of calmer days so that I can re-group and get on with the book proposal.  It’s all been on ice for the last week with just no time get my head into it and with my goal to finish it by next Friday it’s looking more and more unlikely.  I don’t like missing targets though so I may end up pulling a couple of all nighter’s to get it done.  As the saying goes ‘I can sleep when I’m dead!’.

I really want to spend the weekend in the garden.  We get so little of this fabulous weather I hate to waste it indoors so this evening  when we finally get back from Nikita’s audition will probably see me sitting in the garden working on the book or cracking on with the pond with the kids.  It should be the book but I’ve got a feeling the kids have other ideas!

I haven’t looked in my diary for next week yet….I daren’t!  I already know it’s a mad one so I’ll use my well versed strategy of taking it hour by hour and not pondering the next day until it arrives.  Works for me!!

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