Witness the Osborn Morph first hand!

Osborn is 15!!

Our favourite brother/son (ok….so he’s the only one….he’s still our favourite!) is now 15!  Unbelievable.  As every mother always says “It seems like only 5 minutes ago he was throwing his Bourbon biscuit across the kitchen demanding a ‘fixed’ one!”

He’s come a long way, so far in fact that he is gradually ‘morphing’ into Sheldon although the ‘morph’ seems to be on an exponential curve with it appearing to be almost complete in it’s process.  The more we look at him the more he says, the more he grows and the further into the impossible his enquiring mind goes the more convinced we are that he’s eventually going to shed his scales and we will actually BE living with Sheldon!

The similarities are becoming ever more evident and, dare I say. SCARY!!

Osborn’s birthday was typically, well, ‘Osborn’!  Very matter of fact and without all razzmatazz that seems to accompany all of the girls birthdays.  He wanted to watch ‘The Hangover’, get Dominoes, open presents and eat cake…’lots’!  He was as  ‘Happy as Larry’.  Lucy (our director) had bought him a couple of presents, an impossible puzzle and some ‘dry’ sand which he hasn’t stopped fiddling with since.
Lucy has really got all of the children off to a tee.  She recently bought all the children a present to say ‘thank you’ for putting up with her and the endless intrusion.  She bought all of the girls jewellery and every piece she bought was perfect for the recipient.  I couldn’t have done better myself!  We don’t feel like that, she’s far too lovely and has become very much part of the family.  We all look forward to her frequent visits just to see her, the filming is incidental!
Anyway, if anyone wants proof of Osborn’s ongoing ‘morph’, it’s here.


We all love you Osborn….Happy Birthday Big Boy!!!!


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