Writers block!

Back on Track!

Those who know me well will be only to aware that I’ve been writing a book on Autism for about 18 months now with no book to show for it!  I’ve been asked repeatedly when it will be available and my answer has always been ‘soon’. 

18 months of this!

So why the delay?  I want to write it, I have the ability to write it and I know my subject, so why not just ‘get on with it?’.  I can answer that!  Having written approximately 120,000 words on it so far, and having scrapped the entire thing 3 times now, I have finally managed to come up with a format that I’m happy with, thanks to my wonderful friend Jo who suggested I write it as a question and answer book!

You see, I’ve been wanting to write the book that I wish I had had access to 20+ years ago, and every format I’ve started so far hasn’t met with that criteria.  I’ve tried writing it as a memoir, as a pure information book and several other variations on those themes but have never been happy.  I want it to be a book where the crucial information is easily accessible, simply written and as brief as possible so as not to feel too overwhelming.  Limiting myself to as few words as possible has made my life extremely hard, I’ve got to cut anything not totally relevant and stick to the point, my habit of veering off on tangents has no place here!

And so it is that I am now in a happy place with the book and can crack on with it.  Add to that the fact that I had a meeting with the Consultant Clinical Psychologist who is working with me on it last Monday, and my cup veritably runneth over.  She has agreed the format, likes the format and can’t wait get going!

Happy days!  It’s been a crazy week with Osborn’s birthday, filming with the BBC on Tuesday and taking Lorie back to Butlins but I have now landed and 6.00am this morning saw me up and raring to go.  2000 words later and I’m nearly ready to send the first part through to Jacky so she can add her clinical perspective.

So, watch this space!  The book will be available as soon as it’s written (from 3 different sources!), edited and proof read.  I’m finally excited to be getting on with something I believe in and hopefully will work for readers as a valuable insight into autism from 3 different points of view!

Thank you Jo!!

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